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"Helping people through life's

                          crossroads one step at a time."

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"Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life."

— J.K  Rowling

Addiction is a chronic disorder, and relapses are common. Crossroads professional and caring staff can help you along the road to recovery. We offer award-winning, evidence-based care for addictions, and we even offer intervention services if you need help talking to someone you love about their addiction. Our approach:

We are a community-based model that focuses on multiple paths to recovery and helping one create their own individualized path.
We strive to connect people with substance abuse disorders to the level of care they desire. We meet them right where they are, focusing on strengths, capabilities and goals of the person.
We help individuals realize what they are capable of; the resiliency they possess. Relapse is seen as a learning experience and used to proactively modify the recovery plan. 
We help individuals build and strengthen a network of community resources and support; we see this as recovery capital. We build this capital alongside the individual while creating and maintaining a safe community where people in recovery do not just survive, but thrive.

Intervention Services

Crossroad's Intervention Services help individuals in the throes of addiction face their destructive behaviors and recognize their impact on those around them.

The Interventionist, along with the help of family and friends, confronts the individual and encourages them to accept the treatment they need for recovery.

Services include:

Referral and coordinator for treatment
Follow-up/aftercare coordination

Addiction services focus on helping an individual not only overcome their addiction, but also build a community support system to help them for the future. This support system will help an individual bounce back should they experience a relapse. If they don't, this support system will help the individual to define and reach the goals they set--be they employment, better relationships with friends and family, etc. Treatment is tailored to the individual and their needs, wants and goals.

Addiction Therapy