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“I sustain myself with the love of family.”

Maya Angelou

Family stress is common and to be expected in life, especially during times of transition or unexpected crisis.  When problems become too difficult to handle on your own, or family members find themselves unhappy and distancing from one another, family therapy can help.  
Family therapy can be a powerful tool for increasing your family’s functioning, cohesion, and satisfaction.  It is different from individual and couples therapy in that the focus will be on the family as a unit, and not any one individual member.  My role, as your therapist, is to ensure that each member of the family feels respected and heard, and I will always work to protect the interests of the most vulnerable member(s).  

Some common issues that can be addressed in this type of therapy include: 

Communication problems and family conflict (e.g., conflict between siblings, conflict between adult children and their parents)
Family transitions (e.g., kids leaving for college, parenthood and step-parenthood, family illness)

The overall goal of family therapy is to increase family functioning and harmony.  At times, the focus may be on strengthening relationships between specific members (e.g., parent-child, sibling-sibling).  As a result, select sessions may only include those members. Family therapy with me is flexible and will be tailored to your family's specific needs and life stage.