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" True intimacy is being in tune with your real feelings, sharing who you really are, and being strong enough to accept the same from the one you love."


 At times, relationships can be our greatest source of joy and strength.  At other times, they can be our biggest source of stress and pain.  Whether you're on the brink of your relationship and contemplating ending it, or mostly satisfied but unable to resolve certain issues, couples therapy can be a valuable solution for you and your partner. 
Couples therapy can be useful for both married and non-married couples.  Some common issues that can be addressed in this type of therapy include:

Infidelity (emotional, sexual)
Interracial/cultural, & interfaith issues
Marriage preparation (premarital therapy)


Crisis Intervention
Marriage enrichment
Separation or divorce
Sexual issues
Transition to parenthood

Couples therapy can be beneficial whether you are in the dating stages of your relationship, newly married, or married for several years.  I help partners take an honest look at themselves and their relationship and ultimately experience both in more positive ways.  

If you are in the early stages of their relationship or marriage, now is the perfect time to build on your strengths and set a solid foundation for your future together!  If you've been together for several years, couples therapy can help you learn and grow from past mistakes, reconnect with one another, and create healthier patterns moving forward.



How often should we attend couples therapy sessions?

Many clients begin couples therapy on a weekly basis, and then switch to once or twice per month or "as-needed" appointments once they've reached their immediate goals.  I will offer recommendations for your treatment, but your number of sessions and session schedule is always up to you.  

Couples therapy can be more difficult to attend regularly than individual therapy because there are two people's schedules to take into account.  However, a big key to success is making the commitment to attend appointments regularly and at least once per week in the beginning of treatment.  Some couples opt to schedule extended sessions (90 minutes) instead of standard sessions (50 minutes) to help make more weekly progress and allow for more in-session attention to issues but at minimum it is recommended that couples attend one 50 minute session per week.